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The history of Aass brewery

Poul Lauritz Aass went, at the age of 16, from Skotselva in Buskerud to his uncles business in Drammen. He learned trading from his uncle and a grain company in Oslo, while getting a degree in economics. In 1860 Halvor Ellingsen passed away, and his widdow where approached by Poul Lauritz who had the intention of buying the trade company he left behind. The trade company and brewery where originally started by Ole Pehrson in 1834 and traded to Halvor Ellingsen in 1840. In partnership with his friend H. F. Gjessing, Poul Lauritz Aass bought the comapny with the estate by the river in Drammen. After a large town fire in 1866, H. F. Gjessing sold his share to Poul Lauritz Aass. The brewery was heavily damaged by the fire, but within a year, a new brewery rised from the ashes and the brewing was running once again. Poul Lauritz Aass had eight children with his wife Sophie. When he passed away in 1904, he left a well run company, selling different products ranging from beer to fuel. The comapny shares was divided beetween his children and his oldest son, Jens Landmark Aass was appointed as CEO. The shareholders are, until this day, still only relatives to Poul Lauritz Aass.


Jens Landmark Aass industrialized the company, aquiering modern machines and equipment. He was a brewer by trade, and had been master brewer at another large brewery in Norway. After a while in other parts of the country, he headed home to start in his fathers company. He expanded the brewery and concentrated the business into brewing and import of coal. Jens Landmark Aass had four children which of his oldest son died of the spanish disease. He run the brewery trough the 1. world war and until he passed away in 1942 during the second world war. He left behind a business that had expanded rapidly, but was crippled by the access to raw materials during the world wars and trough the “tough 30’s”.


Detlev and Jens Landmark Aass jr, his two sons, took the helm when their father passed away. Detlev Landmark Aass as the CEO. He was master brewer for 10 years at Tou brewery in Stavanger before moving to Drammen. His brother had trading education and took care of the coal business. They had a rough start, because of the war, but managed to get trough it with higher sales numbers than the brewey had before the second world war. In 1957, Aass became distributor, and later manufacturer, of Coca Cola. Aass Brewery had the pleasure of being distributor of Coca cola products until 2000. In 1974-75 the probation of advertising products with alcoholcontent was enforched in Norway. The probation is enforced to this day, not enabeling us to show our products on this website. Detlev Landmark Aass retired in 1979 appointing his youngest son Terje Aass as new CEO.


Terje Aass started in Aass Brewery after studies abroad as marketing manager in 1974. He took over as CEO after his father in 1979. Terje did not have to battle shortage in raw materials, but increasing product taxes from the government made the brewery business difficult over the years. Also the competition was tougher. During Terjes reign, the company expanded and build new property several times. He also aquired the Lundetangen brand and started making the Lundetangen pilsner with the old Czeck method. Terje, during his time, sold the business with coal and paraffin, to focus all efforts on brewing. The business had substantial growth and is now a major contributor to the Norwegian beer market. In 2013 he retired, but is still involved, promoting good beer culture and interest of beer in general, among the public. His oldest son Christian August Knudsen Ass is now CEO, making it the 5. generation of Aass running the company.

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