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Spectacular Norway

colorful aurora borealis dancing in the sky

Fishboat vessel fishing in a rough sea

Norwegian Fjord

Cabin and wooden boat at calm lake

Warm orange sunrise at the Preikestolen in the summer in Norway







Norwegian forest













Did you know about Norway?

  • Norway have just above 5 million inhabitants. That’s a lot of land for so few.
  • The winter usually arrives in November and stays until end of March. And by winter, Norwegians mean snow and sub freezing temperatures.
  • Norwegians have one of the most informal business environments there is. Using first names is a given after first meeting.
  • Norwegians have generally a high income per capita. But, the government uses taxes and fees a lot for incentives. Fueled cars, alcohol and sugar products have a high tax rate.
  • Norwegians have some rather strange behaviors. We love our cabins, usually only eat bread for lunch and drink beer mostly in the weekends
  • Norway is a sporting nation. So much that to hike without any destination, is considered normal.






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