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History of Aass brewery – Probably the strangest beer name in the world

The name

The name Aass Brewery is derived from the family surname Aass. It can be translated to the English word “hill”. If you want to learn how to pronounce it, watch the clip on top.

Christian August Knudsen Aass is the CEO and 5th generation Aass to run the brewery. Aass is a quite common surname in Norway.

The beginning

Aass Brewery have been running non-stop since 1834 trough town fires and wars. First founders was Halvor Ellingsen and Ole Pehrson. It started as a trade house with brewing as a side business, but now, brewing is the main activity and has been for a over a decade. Since 1864 it has been run by the Aass family, and still is a purely family owned company.

Poul Lauritz Aaas, founder of Aass Brewery to the left. If you visit us and get a tour, you can actually sit at the desk in the photo.

The rise of a brewery

Trough the years the brewery have gone from generation to generation and been developed with new buildings, new equipment and a continuous development within products and distribution methods. Everything done at the same property by the river in Drammen. Shares are today divided among a little over 100 shareholders, all descendants of the founder Poul Lauritz Aass.

Today there is a road and a beach between the river and the brewery. Back in the day, ships set sail with products loaded straight from the brewery.

The last horse lost its job at the brewery in the 1950s. Before that, they where an integrated part of the distribution.

4th generation CEO, Terje Aass, and his brother Paul in an old newspaper. Terje is bathing in Bock beer. They where promised a spread in the largest national newspaper if Terje took that bath, and the two brothers where not hard to persuade. Showing marketing has always been core business at the brewery.

The brewery have always had an diverse portifolio of products and a diverse work force making them. Aass Brewery even bottled Coca cola for 40 years.

Still ambitious

Aass Brewery want to reach more consumers with our . In 2020 we manufactured 30 million liters. But we want more. We still have capacity and can expand if needed. Contact us if you want to join our journey conquering new countries with probably the strangest beer name in the world.


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