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Why Norwegian beer?

Premium, pure quality

Norway have a very clean environment and there is simply a very scarcely populated bit of the earth. Almost all our electricity comes from renewable sources and the tap water is drinkable all over the country. The clean, crisp water gives us the best resource one can ask for when making beer. We also have our own laboratory facility which check every production before it leaves the brewery.

Lake Glitre. Our main water source literally miles away from people.

The dam at Imingfjell. Makes clean, renewable electricity,

A partner you can trust

The Norwegian community is known for being very dependable, high in stability, transparent and trustworthy. When you buy our products, you know that there are competent workers with freedom to organize and competitive contracts that made them. There are no corruption or hidden payments. Everything is within laws, and according to Norwegian and/or EU regulations.

Member of the workforce at Aass Brewery.


The Norwegian market is very developed. Our local customers demand efficiency throughout the supply chain. We have to digitize and adapt new technology all the time.

Even highly automated equipment needs some digital tlc sometimes.


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