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Aass Vørterøl – A Norwegian specialty

Wort beer is not a very common product in many markets. A completely natural product it is brewed like any other beer, but it is never in contact with yeast. This makes an alcohol free product with a high level of malt sugars which gives a very sweet taste. Malt sugars are the slowest burning sugars in the digestive system, so it gives you fast energy, but still durable, during activities.

The product is delivered as 330 ml can packed in 4x 6pack i tray. You can read more about the Wort beer here.

Aass the bear, our mascot, is always willing to promote the Vørterøl.



Want to become a distributor, please contact

Lauritz Aass

Sales Manager


+47 906 55 567

Skype: Aass1834

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